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Is Your Spouse Cheating?
The following list are the top 10 signs of a cheating spouse:
1.  Receiving a lot of "hang up" phone calls? This could be a person wanting to speak to your spouse.
2.  Saying "I need my space?" This could be a sign that your spouse is moving to the next stage.
3.  Working a lot of overtime? This could enable your spouse time to meet their lover.
4.  Excessive use of the Internet? This could enable a cheating spouse time to talk with their lover in chat rooms.
5.  Are there times that are unaccounted for?
6.  Has your spouse quit wearing their wedding ring? This could be a sign telling everyone "I am available".
7.  Is your spouse no longer interested in sex? They could be saving their emotion for their lover.
8.  Or does your spouse have some new sexual techniques? This could be something they are learning from a lover.
9.  Does your spouse hide the cell phone or house phone bill? This would be an easy way to find out about a lover.
10.  Does your spouse say "It's your imagination". You could be close to the truth.

Don't let your suspicions of infidelity fracture your relationship's foundation beyond repair - FIND OUT THE TRUTH.

When you decide to go forward with a divorce, in many states you may get a more positive settlement if there is proof of third party involvement.




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