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What is a Private Investigator?
A Private Investigator is a licensed detective or investigator working for private interest. Private investigators are not employed by the state, federal governments or local municipalities. The term "private" refers to a detective or investigator working in the private sector as opposed to the public sector. Local, Federal, and State law enforcement investigators/detectives could also be referred to as "public" investigators because they are working for the public and paid with tax dollars.

Choosing Archer Investigations

When you need real evidence, call Archer Investigations. As licensed private investigators in Indiana, we can provide covert undercover operations using high-tech, state of the art surveillance equipment for a complex undercover sting operation that will ultimately hold up in court of law.

Archer has a proven track record of successful undercover operations which have provided clients with superior results. By customizing  your case we can save you time and money by avoiding areas of an investigation that may be deemed irrelevant or unusable. Whether you need hidden camera surveillance, traditional surveillance, a sting operation, or an undercover buy, whatever it is that you need, we can help you achieve your goal.

What makes Archer the right investigator for the job? Archer Investigations has extensive internal resources including investigators, electronic surveillance experts and professional surveillance investigators, and we have a wide ranging group of investigative professionals of which we can call upon if needed in every area of undercover operations. If your case requires specialization that we lack or we feel may be better suited for a colleague, we can act as your investigative consultant and direct these facets of the investigation for you. If you believe something disreputable is going on behind your back; you're probably right. Get answers before it's too late.

How do you determine whether or not  you need a Private Investigator?

Are you ready for the truth?
YES -  You have probably been suspecting your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend of cheating for a while or you wouldn't be looking at this website. The doubts you are feeling are most likely causing you a lot of pain and suffering. Are you having problems functioning at work? Are you having trouble eating or sleeping? You didn't start this mess and have tried to avoid your doubts. Your instincts are overwhelming you now, so you are at a point where you need to know the truth, no matter how painful that may be.

What if I'm wrong?

The results of an infidelity investigation can offer you a great amount of relief or can be devastating. In either case, knowing the truth, good or bad, will give you the feeling of power that you probably haven't felt for a long time. Now armed with the truth, you can make good, sound decisions about your future.

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Reasons that keep most people from contacting a private investigator include:
  • the feeling that you are betraying your significant other by checking up on them --- If you are having feelings of uncertainty, it is time to find out why.

  • Being afraid that they will find out you are investigating them and that they will not ever trust you again. --- Normally, they don't find out you are investigating them unless you threaten them in anger.

  • Will the court care if they are cheating?  --- In some states, infidelity is grounds for divorce. It may be considered in determining the division of the assests.

  • Fear that your worst thoughts will be confirmed.   --- You need to get a support system in place and find a good attorney for when you have the facts.

  • Fear that you can't afford it.  ---  Can you afford NOT to know? Don't be blindsided, you will choose when to leave.

  • Maybe you are crazy, just like he/she said  --- Statistically this is rarely the case.You know yourself and your significant other, so don't be swayed if you think something is happening.

  • Fear that it is your fault if they are cheating.   ---  There is no way for you to control anyone's behavior, we make our own choices.

  • Fear that the investigator will know my significant other and tell them.  ---  This does not happen. Our investigators are licensed and regarded with the highest sense of integrity and ethics.

Archer Investigations is fully qualified to assist you. Not only are all of our staff members former law enforcement personnel, our investigators are trained infidelity domestic and family law investigators, workers comp AOE/COE insurance investigators, and expert undercover, including trained female undercover investigators. Call us for a free consultation, 812-853-5988.

Owner and head of investigations, Vernon Schwartz, has background in Military Intelligence including top security clearance. He reported to National Security Agency and British Intelligence. He was appointed to the position of Criminal Justice Planner for Kentucky Department of Justice. His experience also includes coordinating crime prevention efforts for 110 law enforcement agencies.

Archer Investigations is fully insured by Brownyard Programs, Ltd. with General liability of one million dollars and two million dollars in aggregate insurance, which is ten times the amount required by law.





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